NGO Or Trust Registration

If you are running a NGO, public or charitable trust, then you must get it registered before you commence operations. You need to create a trust deed and submit for registration. You can avail of Taxpot's services to get this done.

Trust deed preparation

For the NGO Registration or Trust Registration, the trust deed is the most important document. The trust deed needs to have all details about your trust and its activities. It needs to be prepared and filed as per the relevant acts. Taxpot's professional team would help to prepare this trust deed as per law.


Taxpot would take care of the registration of the trust with the Registrar of Trusts. All you need to do is provide them the inputs, they will take care of the entire process. Registration and all other subsequent activities like obtaining PAN & TAN number and opening of bank account would be facilitated by Taxpot's team.

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